Pennsylvania Dreaming – part 6

We did…Central Park, New York City..

So on through Manhattan in the heat, next stop Central Park, which is really rather lovely. Terrapins/Turtles in the lake and cool shade in the 90 degree heat. We walked through to MOMA – The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

Everyone trying to look cool in the heat..[Im failing as usual!]
Eryl and Bob succeeding – as usual…

Like all great museums there was far more than we could ever see in one afternoon – but we tried…as always it was the paintings that I liked best. Superb collection of impressionists.

Staggered landings let you watch a variety of exhibits..and a variety of visitors.

A long day, home on the subway…with its quirky art and quirky people…

On the move again on our final day in NYC….and back into Manhattan – Eryl was delighted to see the Flatiron Building and I was delighted witha giant hippo sculpture beneath it!

Last stop was Penn Station – glad we had our semi-native guide Bob to get us through the formalities and then we were off to Pennsylvania on the Amtrak train.

Look, isnt that Dave Dick over there?

Pennsylvania Dreaming – part 5

So…its getting cold back here in bonny Scotland…the leaves are all falling, the salmon are wearing their “tartan coats”, geese and whooper swans are flying in from the far north and flocks of thrushes are chacking and squeaking in the riverside trees. Time to think back to the New York heat!

Young mothers chatting over a coffee at the rivers edge.. it wasnt always so quiet round there
An old factory building, a reminder of the waterside industrial area of the quite recent past

Modern river traffic of a very different type is continuous but its still the highway into the centre of the city.

..and in the middle of all this, where there were once dockyards and warehouses – a brand new children’s playpark.

The conversion of old industrial into new leisure areas is happening all over New York – one of the real highlights of our visit was a walk along the Highline. This former freight rail line on Manhattan’s west side has [still is being] been transformed into a long treelined walkway, full of artworks, buskers and superb views of the city streets below. Starting near the superb Bubby’s ice cream shop, it winds its way above the city ending at the Hudson Yards crammed with parked rolling stock. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Pennsylvania Dreaming – part 4 sunday 25th august 2019.

We wandered about crossing busy streets looking for the walkway up to the pedestrian part of the Brooklyn Bridge. A maze of street signs, glad I wasnt driving.We eventually mounted a stairway and came out on the magnificent views of Manhattan and the East River. Crowds of people of all description and the odd cyclist threading through them. So many photos to take it was hard to choose.

A pavement in the sky with breathtaking views – simultaneously very familiar and incredibly exotic, the result of a thousand cop shows and movies. Crowded but never restrictive, “a must see” thats easily achievable and long enough to be very satisfying.

A hot and slightly confused walk off the bridge and we were into Manhattan’s Chinatown. Ice Cream at the Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, then into an expensive and lavish chinese restaurant for more exotic delights – luckily with all that walking we were able to balance the huge american helpings of food!

Ice Cream Eryl in Chinatown…
Famous Dancing Chickens…
Crowded Chinatown…
The entrance to Little Italy…

Out into the blazing sun and 90 degree heat and the next minute we were walking through Little Italy….surrounded by tempting looking italian restaurants but too full to even think of eating more – my trip mantra “I’ll never eat again”…but I always did! looks like the Empire State Building in the distance…

Already thinking of presents to take home but getting a bit foot-weary we went into the Broadway Market Co shop – a collection of stalls selling jewellry, toys and designer clothes….and came out loaded up…Time to head for home – on the subway…while waiting to get tickets from the machine down in the tunnels we had a fascinating 20 minutes watching a couple of hustlers, one black one white, competing over selling half-used tickets to passing punters. We suspected they had deliberately broken the ticket machine to speed up business. Probably a daily event….Then it was back on a very packed subway to Williamsburg and the delight of an air-conditioned apartment and copious drinks of bottled water.

So many good meals – was this the huge pizza night or the margaritas and tacos?…or the raspberry beer sourz in the “english pub” showing premier league football but not a warm pint in sight? Not sure, it all runs together now but Williamsburg is a happening place, particularly at night, packed bars, cafes and small restaurants. Many different languages being spoken, a huge variety of food and shops and a pleasant active vibe…Late at night it grows quiet, the odd shouted greeting, the odd siren in the distance…cicadas in the sparse trees…on a hot late august night.